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    Mainly provides bicycle and bicycle shops and cycling clubs, providing customized services
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    Does your saddle fit or hurt you?

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Welcome To Cosy Saddle

Cosy Saddle is engaged in producing upmarket bicycle saddles that mainly serve for bike shops or cycling clubs. We also offer personalized customization services with 1pc product MOQ,with the goal of meeting the individual needs of every cyclist.
  • Core technologies
    Do you really understand the health risks of cycling? It is believed that the testicular cancer of the former champion ..
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  • custom made
    Our customized services of surface coating can make your saddle different.You may have a saddle that only fits you.
    Surface coating customization
  • New products
    Products of the Cosy saddle Zouwu series are created for healthy cycling.
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Product Series

Cycling is one of the few exercise methods that can take into account both travel, leisure and sports. Cycling requires different body parts to interact with different parts of the bicycle to form a whole. Small changes will affect the body and exercise efficiency. The saddle and the cover as the main support point bear most of the weight of the human body, and its importance is self-evident. Choosing the right saddle is crucial.
Speed series
Speed ​​series products are professional and saddles developed for road cars and speed racing models. It has the characteristics of light weight, good strength and ergonomic design.
Companion Series
Companion series saddle is a cushion developed for adventure travel, mountain and off-road development. It is durable and comfortable. Suitable for all-weather harsh environment.
Moving Sofa Series
The mobile sofa series saddle is suitable for commuting, leisure sports and fitness people. It has good comfort.
E-bike Series
The saddle of the electric vehicle series is specially developed for electric vehicles. Has better cushioning performance and safety structure. Make riding safer and more comfortable.
Challenger Series
The stroller saddle series all use environmentally friendly materials, while using softer foam filling and stronger anti-drop plastic parts. Make children's riding healthier.
Bicycle grip
The handle is developed and manufactured using ergonomic design and multiple injection molding technology. Use food-grade wear-resistant silica gel as the basic raw material. Make riding more comfortable.

Our Team

We will do our best to serve all individuals and groups who love cycling and provide them with the best products.
  • Paul chenqiang

    R&D Director
    Paul has 13years experience in the R&D of bicycles and parts. Everything we love is going away, The love keeps me energetic and happy at all times when working, which is the source of my motivation. My mission is to incorporate my inspiration into each of my works and give them tenacious vitality.
  • Joy chenhuan

    Marketing director
    “Yes to love, Yes to advantage, Yes to life”—she says As a marketing director,Joy chenhuan takes the lead in marketing developing ,have in-depth marketing experience and a passion for customers and work closely with Product,Design and Sales directors to increase client satisfaction through cohesive strategies and all digital marketing channnels.  also forecast sales performance trends and act proactively to increase our market segment,provide forward-thinking ideas to build and maintain a strong company brand presence. 
  • Steven YangQiang

    Engineer director
    Steven joined us in 2008, from a young boy to a husband, from a assistant engineer to the engineer director. 10years working experence make him have key skills. He keeps studying technological innovations. Since the industry changes rapidly, he need to be ready and willing to looking for the latest advances in tech.

How To Choose The Cushion That Suits You ?

Researchers in the United States and Italy have found that the longer men cycling, the greater the risk of impotence and loss of libido. Austrian scientists conducted a survey of high-intensity cyclists and found that about 5 percent of them suffer from moderate and severe impotence. FRANK SOMMER, a professor at the University of Cologne, believes that no saddle can completely avoid the inhibition of blood circulation. If the blood flow is inhibited by more than 50% after 2 hours of continuous cycling, it will be more harmful to the human body. If the inhibition is controlled to within 10%, it will not cause harm to the human body.

Why choose Cosy Saddle

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of bicycle saddles. We have professional technology, large-scale production, strict quality control and thoughtful after-sales service. Our aim is to serve each of our customers well and grow together.
  • R & D

    Products from ID creation, 3D, modeling, structural design, 3D proofing, mold development and manufacturing, product testing, to process development, material application are all achieved independently.
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  • Cosy Saddle Manufacturing capacity

    Cosy Saddl self-manufactured for the processing of saddle parts. Injection molding, Punching, Foaming, Leather laser Cutting, UV printing, 3D printing, Laser marking, Silk screen printing and Pad printing. We also imported high-end tech equipment which basically covers the entire production processes of the top saddle including automatic gluing, vacuum adsorption, mold manufacturing, ultrasonic welding. Hereby we happily and proudly say we are able to produce the top-saddle customize Service very well.
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  • Cosy saddle testing technology

    Professional testing equipment and working team service for complete testing including saddle fatigue , freezing, leather resistant, static loading pull, rail hardness, rail torque and saddle stability .Morerover, we have long-term cooperation with international authoritative testing agency such as SGS and TUV. We guarantee perfect product to be supplied to you.
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  • Service and vision

    We will do our best to serve all individuals and groups who love riding and supply them the best products.We hope all bikers who love cycling will own their fitting and cosy saddles.“Cosy saddle “will let the cyclists no longer painful and make the riding healthier.
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