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How to accurately choose a comfortable bicycle seat?

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How to accurately choose a comfortable bicycle seat?

Nov 18,2023

Posture is important

The choice of seat cushion varies from person to person. The seat cushion needs of different people are closely related to the shape of the buttocks, height and weight, riding posture, etc.

The so-called actual sitting posture when riding refers to the forward tilt angle of your pelvis when riding. The greater the forward tilt angle of your pelvis when riding, the smaller the actual width of the contact between the pelvis and the seat cushion, and vice versa. When riding a bicycle, your weight will fall on three supporting points: your hands, feet and butt, with the butt and feet bearing most of the weight. When you press down hard on the pedal, you are using your body weight to push the pedal down. At this time, the feet bear more weight, and the buttocks bear less weight. What if your feet are paddling the pedals leisurely? At this time, almost all the weight falls on your butt, and your feet are lazy and do not help you share the weight. Because the buttocks bear too much weight, a hard cushion with too little support area will cause pain in the buttocks. At this time, a soft and wide cushion can support your butt better than a hard and small cushion, making it less painful.

surface material

The surface material is in contact with the buttocks, and the breathability and smoothness of different materials will affect the riding experience. The main surface material currently on the market is leather, which is cheaper, has a smooth surface and is very easy to maintain, but has poor breathability. Of course, there are also seat cushions made of genuine leather, which are very breathable and of high quality. They are also expensive and troublesome to maintain daily. There is also a seat cushion with a carbon fiber surface, which is easy to maintain, lightweight, and very comfortable, but the price is slightly higher.


The filling material is used to expand the contact surface between the buttocks and the seat cushion, and to bear part of the vibration, bringing comfort. Materials that are too hard will cause all the pressure on the human body to be concentrated on the buttocks, resulting in poor blood circulation. If it is too soft, it will produce greater deformation during riding and lack support, making people more strenuous and tired during riding. At the same time, a lot of sweat will be released during long-term riding, so the material needs to have good breathability.

Of course, the most indispensable thing is your own experience. You must experience it personally, carefully evaluate your own riding habits, and choose a cushion that suits you.