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Warranty scope and conditions are finalized in both Chinese and English

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Warranty scope and conditions are finalized in both Chinese and English

Nov 6,2021
bicycle saddle

1. Warranty Period of the Product
1.1 Products with manufacturing defects.
1.2 Products that are inconsistent with the sales contract or the technical description of a single product
1.3 This warranty only covers defects that existed at the time of delivery.

2.Out of warranty cases
2.1 Damaged to the products in normal wear and tear;
2.2 Damage caused by improper use.
2.3 Damage to the product outer surface and  to the assembly position  due to improper maintenance or cleaning (such as alcohol, chemical solvents, worn tools, or any non-compliance with relevant instructions).
2.4 Damaged to the product due to unexpected circumstances, force majeure or third party reasons;
2.5 Damaged to the product accelerated wear caused by improper use of this product.
2.6 Damaged to the products that are repaired, modified or changed without the permission or authorization of cosy saddle.

3.Product warranty procedures
3.1  If product problems or product defects are found, please send the product back to "cosy saddle, address:
     Jinbo Industrial Park, Nancai Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin, China, Tel: 086-022-82181889/86-13821259535, Fax: 086-022-82181889, E-mail:joy@cosysaddle.com
3.2 Defective products must be returned in the original packaging and accompanied by a completed "Warranty Card", invoice or other supporting documents.
3.3 If the product requested to be repaired or replaced has no defects, "cosy saddle" does not bear any transportation costs.

4. Consumers need to bear the following expenses
4.1 Transportation costs from authorized retailer to consumer, or consumer to authorized retailer.
4.2 The cost of disassembly or installation of the product.
4.3 Loss caused by the inability to use the product within the repair or replacement period.

5.Warranty time range
Product warranty date: within one year from the product delivery date and within this period (with receipt or other purchase certificate.   The specified document shall prevail).

6. Warranty area range 
This warranty applies in the country of purchase

7. Exclusive rights and priority
This regulation will replace any version earlier than this "warranty regulation".

8. This warranty policy is limited to the purchaser of the product and cannot be transferred.

9. Except for "Hongrui Tiancheng Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.", no unit or individual may expand or modify these regulations.

10. This Regulation is governed by the laws of the "People's Republic of China". If there is a dispute over this Regulation,  The District People’s Court in WUQING,TIANJIN has exclusive and sole discretion.

11. When the quality and technology of a product or component is different from the standard that is effective after the date of purchase, the product covered by this warranty will be deemed qualified.

12 .Please strictly follow the product manual carefully and strictly follow the product installation, use or maintenance.

13.The cover material is PVC leather, Microfiber and Pure Leather.We advise you to use the neutral soap. Please don’t use thestrong alkali and strong acidity solvent when you wash the saddle.

14. Please clean the surface of the saddle in time after being washed and caught in the rain, and use it after airing, which will be good for the foam parts and make sure the product will not be soaked by .