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Cosy saddle Instructions

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Cosy saddle Instructions

Feb 4,2023
  • Cosy saddle Instructions


1:We advise professionaltechnicists to install the product.

2:We have already finished the quality inspection before delivery, but you'd better check it one more time to guarantee no defects.

3:Please check if the seat post has any defect before installing the saddle. And make sure the seat post and the saddle are a complete set.  Theassembly location of the seat should besmooth, without any angle or burr. If not, please polish it firstly before installing.

5:Thetorque force can’t be over 20N.M when installing carbon rail parts, and try to use the seat post clamp that has as large contact area as possible. Leveraged seat post is not allowed to be used.

6:In order to make riders more comfortable and choose the better saddle, this product has the regulating function which can adjust forward andbackward betweenscale marks.

  1: Saddle bears the most weight of the rider.  When influenced by the strong impact and collision, please check the saddle completely one more time.

     If under the condition of use, please check the saddle every three months. Werecommend that you do not usethis saddlemore than 4 years.

 2: The cover material is PVC leather, Microfiber and Pure Leather.

     We advise you to use the neutral soap. Please don’t use thestrong alkali and strong acidity solvent when you wash the saddle.


3: Please clean the surface of the saddle in time after being washed and caught in the rain, and use it after airing, which will be good for the foam parts and make sure the product will not be soaked by