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3D printing bicycle saddle cushion solution

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3D printing bicycle saddle cushion solution

Apr 11,2023
To ensure the best lightweight, breathable, and elastic effects, we also need to achieve wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and meet timely and high-quality batch delivery. In today's world where people increasingly value cycling experience and pursue uniqueness, the iteration speed of bicycle seat cushion updates is far behind consumers' tireless pursuit of fashion and healthy life, and the rise of 3D printing technology will rewrite this situation.

1、 Lightweight design

Elastomer 3D printed seat cushion manufactured by COSY SADDLE

Lattice structure with mechanical design

Not only can it improve the structural strength of bicycle seat cushions

It can also reduce the consumption of consumables;

The printed bicycle seat cushion has a smaller volume and a more unique design

Bring a more comfortable riding experience.

2、 Special lattice structure

The 3D printed seat cushion is composed of thousands of staggered hollow lattice structures

Lattices in different regions have different mechanical properties

It can provide better support for cyclists and disperse stress

At the same time, it provides better breathability for the seat cushion, keeping it cool during summer use

Relieve sweating from the buttocks during cycling

3、 High elastic material

The 3D printed seat cushion also uses COSY SADDLE's self-developed high elastic material

Has long-lasting soft elasticity that does not compress local blood vessels

The material has undergone 1 million fatigue tests, resulting in long-lasting rebound and longer lifespan