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3D printed bicycle saddle core advantages:

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3D printed bicycle saddle core advantages:

Apr 17,2023
3D printed bicycle saddle core advantages:

1. Breaking through the traditional product development is not restricted by traditional rules: 3D printing production based on digital 3D files can not be restricted by traditional productivity and materials, ensuring timely and rapid product iteration and introduction into the market

2. The honeycomb hollow lattice design has a new breathable maintenance experience: the cushion is composed of thousands of hollow lattice structures interlaced, which is naturally breathable, smaller in size and easier to clean

3. A more humanized riding experience with different softness and hardness in different areas: the internal lattice of the cushion is divided according to the functions of different areas of the cushion, and is obtained through the parametric design and mechanical simulation of LuxStudio, a self-developed additive manufacturing lattice design software developed by COZY SADDLE Therefore, the hardness of each zone is different, which can give the rider more "precise" support and shock absorption effect, and bring a more comfortable riding experience.

4. The new EM high elastic material is different from the traditional foam filling: Compared with the traditional foam technology, the cushion made of EM high elastic material has stronger cushioning, supporting force and wear resistance. EM materials pass accelerated weathering, UV aging and abrasion resistance tests.